Tuesday, January 1

Leadership and Self-Talk

"The most influential person you will talk to all day is you." ~ Zig Ziglar

I just read this fabulous article from business and motivational speaker and author, Zig Ziglar. It has confirmed my belief about talking to yourself. I do it all the time; this is when I can brainstorm some of my best material!

It's okay - talk to yourself. Dr. Joyce Brothers says that people who talk to themselves are above average in intelligence so, for those of you who indulge in that little mind-building exercise, be happy as you do it! Factually, the most important conversations you will have with anyone on any given day are the conversations you have with yourself. Despite this fact, there are many people who deny that they talk to themselves. However, these same people have been seen heatedly talking to someone in a car three blocks away. They even talk to golf balls, telling them to "stay in bounds," or "get in the hole!"

Scientifically speaking, according to the March, 1990, issue of U.S. Air magazine, what you say to yourself has a direct bearing on your performance. That's why you should be upbeat, optimistic and positive when you talk to yourself and others. Use positive statements instead of negative ones. For example, parents should not say to the child who wants to help with the dishes, "O.k., but be careful - don't break them, this is our best china." To do so would be to give precise directions for breaking the dishes.

The person who says to his mate, "Don't let me forget where I put my keys," has just given himself clear instructions, "forget where you put them." You should say, "I'm going to remember that I put my keys in the top drawer." The field goal kicker who says to himself, "If I miss this kick we lose the game," is far more likely to miss than is the one who says, "I will split the uprights and we will win the game!" The reason is simple. Words "paint pictures" and the mind goes to work to complete the picture.

Think about it. Say something nice to yourself and others, something positive and upbeat. It'll be a big help. So much so that if you do, I'll SEE YOU OVER THE TOP!

Here's wishing you all the most abundant and prosperous of new year's!

To lead is to serve,
Coach Carolyn


Anonymous said...

Hi, nice post!
The quote that you shared is definitely right...
"The most influential person you will talk to all day is you." ~ Zig Ziglar

Reminded me of another quote,
"whether you think you can, or you can't, both ways you're right"

It's so important to watch our self-talk. Thanks for sharing!

Coach Carolyn said...

Hey Robert,

Thanks for stopping by. You are so right about our self-talk. And I do love the quote you mentioned.

Peace, Carolyn