Tuesday, January 8

Being Servant First

And now, a page from The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader by Dr. John Maxwell.

When you think of servanthood, what do you envision? Servanthood is not about position or skill. It's about attitude. You undoubtedly have met people in service positions who have poor attitudes toward servanthood. And just as you can sense when a worker doesn't want to help people, you can just as easily detect whether a leader has a servant's heart.

The truth is that the best leaders desire to serve others, not themselves. True servant leaders:
~ Put others ahead of their own agenda.
~ Possess the confidence to serve.
~ Initiate service to others.
~ Are not position-conscious.
~ Serve out of love.

Servant leadership is never motivated by manipulation or self-promotion. In the end, the extent of your influence depends on the depth of your concern for others. That's why it's so important for leaders to be willing to serve.

To lead is to serve,
Coach Carolyn

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