Monday, July 9

Stress Busters for Leaders

What can leaders do to better manage stress? Here are a few tips and tools from a team of The Center for Creative Leadership experts:

Create a ritual. Make it a habit to have a stress break. For example, every 90 minutes get up from your desk and walk around or get out for some fresh air. Do some deep breathing, shoulder shrugs, or just close your eyes for one minute. Taking a mental or physical break is an important strategy for dealing with day-to-day stress. When things are extra stressful, you can rely on these same tactics to get you through.

Get away. Find effective ways to set boundaries between work and home life. Whatever works for you - listening to music on the commute home, turning off the cell phone and email during personal or family time, participating in a social activity or hobby - make time for it and keep your commitment to having a life outside of work.

Re-define balance. Forget the idea of balance as finally having equal or sufficient time for everything: career, family, friends, community and leisure pursuits. Instead, start making clear choices that support your core values. Life balance is complex, not really something we can ever hope to accomplish. Demands and interests change over time, and what felt like balance at one point quickly becomes outdated. But if your life reflects who you are and what you value, you will feel more in balance - even when there isn't enough time.

To read the rest of the tips, visit The Center for Creative Leadership.

To lead is to serve,

Coach Carolyn

The photo is of the Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi, Italy. Now that's peace!

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