Friday, July 6

Adding Value to People

Sadly, many leaders are more concerned with valuables than with value. What I mean by this is that many leaders in a corporate environment will tend to focus more on the dollars than on the relationships. Yes, the bottom line is making a profit, but a leader won't make that profit until he or she realizes that it takes making connections first that will lead to more profits.

If the people you lead don't feel valued, then they won't deliver as effectively and efficiently as they could. People are the most appreciable asset in any organization, and it is the role of the leader to make them feel valued. By adding value to the people you are in relationship with, be it business, intimate or platonic -- they will deliver more to someone who makes them feel like they have worth and value.

Leadership expert John Maxwell says to "put tens on people's heads." Treat everyone as a person of value because they are. Think about how you treat your boss or any other superior. You are more polite. You resist the urge to say anything negative or speak out of turn. You laugh at their dumbest jokes. Why do you act that way? To impress; so they would think more highly of you; or to get something from them? Whatever the reason, we should treat everyone as if they were our superiors. Treat others as if they just saved your life, a life worthy of saving.

Think about a person who you absolutely love and admire. You would do anything for this person. You would walk through walls for this person. Think about how this person treats you. Now think about how you behave around that person. I'm sure words came up like integrity, honor, trust, and loyal. And underneath there is a sincerity and gratefulness.

Take some time to examine all your relationships. Do you make them feel valued? Do you let them know how much you appreciate their presence in your life? Don't wait to say it during their eulogy, then it is too late. And don't have the attitude that they don't say they appreciate you first. What you give to the universe, is what you are going to receive. When you give kindness, you will receive kindness. But you must first give, and give genuinely and sincerely.

To lead is to serve,
Coach Carolyn

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