Saturday, January 16

Younger Leaders Need Mentors

In some of the circles I travel, I am pleased to see more younger people in leadership roles, for church ministries, school activities, and even when needed in the family and home. I love when this is the norm and not merely the exception. Young people are the future; they are the ones who will lead in a bigger way in years to come. What I would love to see is more mentoring to the young.

One of the easiest ways to mentor a young person is through storytelling. Stories bond us as a people, and they are easily remembered. Stories create images and help the young one continue to use their imagination. I know that when we become adults, we seem to lose the use of that particular faculty.

When I was growing up, I took on leadership roles in my church – because church is where I had to be on Sunday, so I had to be doing something. My responsibilities were lightened tremendously by the sharing of stories. It was easy to begin with more common stories about what goes on within the families, but then it branched out to stories centered around the sabbath; and Jesus' new testament and salvation stories. This delighted me and gave me great hope. I found that this was also a great way to build community, though at the time I didn’t really understand the concept. Today, it’s one of the principles I wholly embody. I believe community building is cornerstone to creating great leaders and even great followers.

A wonderful way to contribute to the future of the young and your future as well is to devote some time mentoring a young leader in the making. Just share time and a story. You would be amazed at how you both benefit from the experience.

To lead is to serve,
Coach Carolyn

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