Wednesday, November 5

Do You Have A Passion Partner?

I have heard them called by many names: Action Partner, Mastermind Partner, and Accountability Partner. By whatever name you call one, the point is to use one. I like the term “Passion Partner” because this denotes fun and joy to me. Many other terms sound like work, and I need all the help I can get!

I know for myself and many of my workshop participants that it can be difficult to receive the appropriate positive energy and feedback that is needed when trying to live our dreams. Negative energy and feedback always seem to be in abundance. There are more naysayers on the journey than there are nutritious people. I just encountered someone I would call a friend say to me that my meager coaching fee was illegal! Amazing when I just participated in a teleseminar with masterminds and one saying he charges $5400 for a ninety-minute session! Who am I really listening to?

One Universal Law states that like attracts like. This friend of mine is constantly complaining about being broke and having nothing to fall back on. The economy is bad, her health is deteriorating and life sucks. I have the opportunity to listen to this 24/7. Yet, I choose to listen to the coach who charges $5400 not only because is he successful, but his conversation is more stimulating, spiritually and emotionally. There are plenty of opportunities for negativity in this world. Sometimes it seems that the people who are closest to us are our biggest critics and cynics. When I want to whine and complain about the economy, I have many, many people to commiserate with. Yet, when I speak of life being full of surprises, miracles and wonders, I am left alone in the room. What’s up with that?

Having a Passion Partner keeps you looking up instead of looking down in worry and anxiety. Your Passion Partner continues to encourage and empower you to do the things that excite you and create that spark the world is looking for. With a Passion Partner there is no recession, only opportunity; there are no obstacles, but challenges for growth; there is no struggle and suffering, only new lessons to be learned and new ways to be blessed by those lessons.

So, who are you listening to?

Who are you spending time with?

What are your conversations about: the bad economy or the new opportunities that can come from it?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic that many struggle with.

To lead is to serve,
Coach Carolyn

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lindargeorge said...

I met Loretta Stewart in grad school about 8 years ago. We began inspiring one another during long weekends studying together and we still meet up to get ourselves reconnected. Thank you for asking this question so that I can take a minute and thank her for sharing her passion with me!