Monday, September 8

Is it Race... Is it Gender... Or What?

Okay, I am at the end of my patience with the election machine. I say let's just vote already!

I am also quite tired of hearing about race and gender. We are missing the big picture: history has been made. I think that is fabulous. One can submit their name for a public office and not wonder about the color of their skin or the gender they were born.

I may not agree with all that I hear, but I am proud of the way these candidates have put themselves on the line for the sake of this nation; knowing that they will be allowed to voice their concerns.

My vote is not about race nor gender, but about the issues. What about you?

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Karyn Beach said...

I'm ready to hear about the issues too. Here in NC, all the ads I hear from the presidential candidates to the Congressional candidates, want to tell me why I shouldn't vote for the other guy, but they don't tell me why I should vote for them.

I don't want to hear about lipstick on pigs or any other nonsense. I want to get to the substance that will help me make a decision.