Wednesday, July 16

The July NYC Meetup Organizers’ Meetup

Yes, even organizers have a Meetup, because being a leader is learned, we are not born it great leadership skills. And it is a marvelous thing to get together with the other leaders to talk about what is and is not working within our groups, and to learn from one another.

Last night, as usual we met at the Skylight Diner with our U-shaped table setup. Our illustrious leader, David Greene, has set the standard for our gathering at this diner. With a total of 22 organizers, assistant organizers or organizers-in-the-making, it was a great meeting packed with lots of helpful information.

There were new organizers and more seasoned organizers to share their experiences with venues, payments, attendance issues, RSVPs, and some technical issues with the Meetup site. The most humorous Meetup was the NYC Easy Going Attention Deficit Disorder Meetup Group. Organizer Tim was great fun and being a new organizer shared his frustrations and joys.

Both David and Tom shared ways to ensure attendance and retention of membership. Both spoke of the personal touch: personally sending emails to the members ensuring their presence at the next event. Tom runs two groups, including the LOST Meetup Group.

Clearly the spotlight was on Sheryl who organizes the Culture for the Non-Cultured Meetup Group, which boasts a membership of 2500 plus. She shared her strategies for planning, organizing and executing her events from start for finish.

A few of the issues discussed were optimizing a better system for Waiting Lists and learning the new Amazon payment program.

We were graced by the presence of two Meetup employees, no doubt doing a “crawl”, Andres and Karina, who are the marketing, strategy and research people. They answered certain techy questions, but clearly let us know that this was not to be about them, but about the organizers sharing. They did stay around after to answer any individual questions.

Being a leader takes courage and a willingness to serve. This definitely describes a Meetup organizer; especially the ones who take the time to come out to gather and share with their fellow organizers ~ knowing there is always more to learn.

To lead is to serve,

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