Wednesday, June 11

In Memoriam: Father Paul Keenan

A True Servant Leader

It is with great sadness that I write this post about the passing of a very dear friend, a mentor and a true servant leader. Father Paul Keenan, priest, author, radio host and avid cat lover, passed away yesterday just three days shy of his 62nd birthday. Father Paul was a very kind and gentle soul, honoring his call to lift people from their personal and collective darknesses to shine a bit of light on their path.

His books, his homilies, his articles, and his radio shows all reflected his deep soulfulness. All reflected a life lived in deep contemplation. Whenever we met to catch up on each other’s lives, we both had many irons in the fire, and were delighted to share, cheer one another on and pray for each other’s endeavors. I was equally thrilled when he called me one morning to ask me to be a guest on his radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio. It was another opportunity to share with my dear friend.

Although I had known Father Paul for years, it wasn’t until my own personal loss and the tragedy of September 11, 2001, that we bonded in a very special way. He mentored me during my trials and I was a listening ear during his own losses and grief. The loss of loved ones, pets, and opportunities sealed the bond of our friendship. I realized that it is during the darkest of times, that true friends and true leaders reflect the brightest light. Father Paul’s light was indeed very bright.

I will miss Father Paul, but through memories, I know that he is and will always remain that beacon of light to shine the way through those dark moments. I will always remember the luncheons, the emails, the chats, and the hugs.

Great leaders leave great legacies, and Father Paul has left one with all of his readers, listeners, his congregations, loved ones, and especially with me.

Read Father Paul’s final article on Soulful Living. It is aptly titled Celebration of Life.

You are now among the angels.
Rest in peace, dear friend.

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