Sunday, February 3

Good Leaders are Good Listeners

As the leader of a team or an organization, you set the tone for communication. A leader's communication must be consistent, clear, and courteous. But leaders must also be good listeners. When leaders don't listen...

~ They stop gaining wisdom.
~ They stop "hearing" what isn't being said.
~ Team members stop communicating.
~ Their indifference begins to spread to other areas.
~ Ultimately, poor listening leads to hostility, miscommunication, and a breakdown of team cohesion.

How are your listening skills? Give yourself a 360-degree review. Ask for feedback concerning your ability and willingness to listen from your boss or mentor, your colleagues, and your subordinates. If you don't get good grades from all of them, then quiet down, listen up, and work to become a better communicator.

From The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork by Dr. John Maxwell.

To lead is to serve,
Coach Carolyn

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PrimeProjects said...

Hello Coach Carolyn,

Thank you for this concise nugget of wisdom. In this day of high-speed tech communications where attention spans are not like they used to be, it's nice to be reminded to be good listeners.

Somehow, we find ourselves in leadership situations, one way or the other. And to know how to lead them effectively is to know their needs. We can know their needs when we listen to them.

Thanks for this refreshing post again!

More power to you!

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