Tuesday, August 28

Leadership is Influence

People are first influenced by what they see. If you have children, then you've probably observed this. No matter what you tell your children to do, their natural inclination is to follow what they see you doing. For most people, if they perceive that you are positive and trustworthy and have admirable qualities, then they will seek you as an influencer in their lives.

When you meet people who don't know you, at first you have no influence with them at all. If someone they trust introduces you to them, then you can temporarily "borrow" some of their influence. But as soon as they have some time to observe you, you either build or bust that influence by your actions.

From Becoming a Person of Influence by John Maxwell and Jim Dornan

To lead is to serve,
Coach Carolyn


Michelle Kunz said...

Great observations on influence, Carolyn. I think authenticity is the key to building trust, which builds our ability to influence others in a deep, as opposed to superficial way. When we allow others to see who we really are, rather than posture and spin ourselves, they know what they get is the real thing and they can depend on that.

Otherwise, whatever influence we have is based on external factors: money, power, material goods, access to other people with more power or who are more interesting, etc. This allows us to be corrupted because it gives others power over us -- they want us to get to something or someone else. It becomes a popularity contest.

When they want us simply for who we are, there is less chance for corruption and we are free to be honest. In honesty and authenticity lie true power and true leadership.

Michelle Kunz

Coach Carolyn said...

Hey Michelle,

Thanks for adding to the conversation on influence. As always, you lend an inportant element. Yes, to be a positive influence, there must be honesty and authenticity. Rare attributes in this day. Thanks for stopping by.